A merry Samhain, and All Hallows Eve to you all

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Here shall we host those Halloween funny pictures that we have received over the years. We shall try to break this Halloween page up into sections. You might look at this as a Halloween resource page.

We hope you like the selection. Be sure to pass this page around to help us out.  It will surely grow year by year.


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Wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween for you and all your family.

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Now on to the meme type funny pictures.

Here are the Funny Halloween pictures You've been waiting for.

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A less than serious YouTube Miniseries - Based out of Richmond, Virginia: "The demoralized members of an alien abduction support group decide to reclaim their lives by forming a vigilante gang and seeking revenge upon their unwelcome visitors."
Created by Fabian Rush, (C) 2011 - 201

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Well that about raps up the Halloween Funnies for this year. I will post more if I get them in a timely manner but we shall wait until next year to see what all I will have collected by then. Thanks for takin' the time to check it all out.

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